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re taken for granted : demeaning and insulting prices

updated sat 9 dec 00


Earl Brunner on thu 7 dec 00

We had our first clay guild sale last weekend. It wasn't great, but it
will grow and improve. We relied on word of mouth and individual
mailings by participants.

Two teachers from my school came to the sale, They are friends and
appreciate pottery. They both bought some of my pots and one of them
bought a $170.00 larger vase (I told her she could make payments over
time, I had bought some woodwork of her husbands' in a similar manner in
the past).

I brought the pot to school and we were/are displaying it in the Library
until she chooses to take it home. The Principal saw it and commented
on it and the teacher told her that I had made it and how much she was
buying it for.
Her blunt comment in response was that I was too high priced and that
she guessed she wouldn't be buying any of my pots.

For the last two years I have made mugs for each of the staff at the
school as Christmas gifts. I did this as a token of appreciation to her
because each year she has shelled out significant money from her own
pocket for Christmas gifts for the staff. The mugs were stamped with
the school logo and finished with a tenmoku glaze with rutile. I
estimated that the first year I made 100 mugs worth at a minimum
$1500.00. I did it at no cost because I wanted to.

Knowing her attitude helps me save time and money in the future. :)

philrogers pottery wrote:

There is a difference between 'selling' a pot to an interested but undecided potential

customer and foisting them upon a public who do not want the pots except at a price which

is demeaning and insulting to the potter.

Earl Brunner