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poor business practices. (long)

updated sat 9 dec 00


will edwards on thu 7 dec 00

This seems to be a typical method of doing business with certain companie=
s. A
series of why don't you's or if you will listen to what I am saying or tr=
this or that or the company is the person to see. Wow - Same thing happen=
ed to
me by the very same person not long ago! How lucky can we all be to get s=
satisfaction for our money. =

Add this and it works. 1000's of potters (Massive missive of others abili=
use our materials all the time and I have helped you so much in the past.=

(Guilt tripping part)
How arogant a response you recieved from them Sylvia. =

Laguna does have a manual in theirs but it is a simple one. Daven's in At=
usually will be very helpful with information when dealing with them! Als=
Bennetts in florida gives good service among others. I am sorry some of o=
suppliers have the fortitude or lack there-of to toy with the ability of =
consumer and take our dollars without blinking an eye. =

In no way could a potter get by with such as this if it was the other way=

I still have 2 attorneys that are more than tee'd off about a one to one
mixture that was used to replace a product for a glaze they used in their=
first class. And that didn't come with intructions either (One to one) bu=
t if
I could have called (we) could have fixed it and I was supposed to test, =
and re-test everything anyways. (Its always the consumers fault) Right!
Testing is what I do but the sale was more important at the time and my t=
was very, very limited so I took the chance and yet another nut was found=
that day. Anyone wanting to buy some MB real cheap? Let me suggest someth=
to the suppliers. Why don't you test, test and re-test and then when we
complain come up with something other than a remark that will come back t=
haunt you for the rest of your lives.
Telling a customer on the phone to be quiet while you talk isn't going to=
you many points Christine. If it don't work don't try to convince me. Pro=
ve it
through practice and give me the right people I can go to for the answers=
=2E I
have yet to see the first person post one glaze using MB as a one to one
replacement for anything. Add 6% bentonite and you drop the boron so low =
most cases that 3134 will be much better. Anyone willing to share a glaze=

using this information please post it and I will test it over and over ag=
to see just how stupid I may have been. I don't want to use so much bento=
that my boron level and other levels cannot be adjusted without losing th=
intended values for the glaze I would be converting from GB on a near one=
one replacement. However I am not saying that the materials isn't working=
those who choose to go the route of bentonite. If it works, good for
you....Better yet post the Unity molecular formulae with LOI and expansio=
n and
I can go to town. ^6 ox. is the intended use!

Doing business but not the old fashioned way -

"As far as relying on "people like you", why should I? When
I placed the order, you did no more than take the money.
You had it shipped from the manufacturer and never followed
up to see if it actually arrived, or anything else. When I
called KPS with concerns about the strength of the motor, I
was referred to the factory web site." =

This may well be a "very simple mechanical device", but
there still needs to be a bare minimum of information
given. This is promoted as a "entry-level" wheel, good for
beginners. I am neither entry-level or beginner. In fact I
am very technically minded most of the time, and I still had
a little trouble with it. To assume that it's so simple it
doesn't need any explanation is just a little insulting. It
all depends on what you've been exposed to in the past.
(Imagine people who have never really touched a splash pan,
foot pedal or bat pin. Oh, come to think of it, that's

The finish>>>I apologize to anyone that may be heating up from all this b=
ut it
is common practice and needs to be stopped unless we potters are willing =
trade our hard labor and sweaty dollars for these kinds of answers. Payin=
someone to insult our intelligence is pretty dumb, isn't it?

William Edwards

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