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john takahara pot sale

updated sat 9 dec 00


Paul Lewing on fri 8 dec 00

Any of you folks who spent any time potting in the Pacific Northwest in
the late '60's through the late '80's have probably heard about John
Takahara. He taught for many years at Boise State University in Boise,
Idaho, produced wonderful pots and turned out a slew of wonderful
Well, I have a sad tale and an opportunity for you. It has just been
discovered that John has been suffering from severe Alzheimer's Disease
for several years. He was a bit of a hermit, so the extent of it has
just become apparent. At any rate, he appears to have maxed out a bunch
of credit cards, spent all of his money, and is in danger of losing his
So some people in Boise are trying to arrange a very quick sale of his
collection of his and other people's pottery to raise money for him.
Unfortunately, this is very short notice. My friend in Idaho, Chuck
Evans, just called to tell me this story, and says they are going to
value the pieces tonight and the sale will be tomorrow. All the work
will be sold for estimated gallery wholesale prices, so John can get the
same amount as if he had sold them through a gallery.
If you'd like more information, or would like to get one of John's pots,
call my friend Chuck Evans at 208-722-6460, or e-mail him at Order some goat cheese from him while
you're at it, too. His wife makes (according to Bon Appetit magazine)
the best goat cheese in the world outside France. You know potters,
they can do anything, right?
Paul Lewing, Seattle