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glaze test for simple blue, cone 6, oxidation

updated sun 10 dec 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on sat 9 dec 00

Simple Blue, cone 6, oxidation. =20
Source: Chris Clarke
Tested on a white, iron flecked, medium range stoneware, fired to cone =
6, oxidation.

40 Custer spar
30 Silica
20 Whiting
10 Kaolin

2 Cobalt
1 Tin oxide

Local spar for Custer
Titanium oxide for Tin oxide

Resulted in a stable, blue gloss. Darker where double dipped, but =
otherwise covering but not opaque, with a single dip.
Iron flecks showed up under glaze.

Liked the color of this blue, as it is not a dark, navy cobalt blue, =
rather a bright, medium blue. Like a Royal Blue velvet color. =20
Nice glaze Chirs!
Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark