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glaze test for purple opalescence, cone 6, oxidation

updated sun 10 dec 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on sat 9 dec 00

Purple Opalescence, cone 6. ox.
Source: Lubbock, Texas
Comments: Can run, good with other glazes.

Tested on a light, iron flecked, midrange stoneware, fired to 1220c, ox.
14 Colemanite
30 Spodumene
7 Dolomite
13 Talc
20 Flint
6 Rutile
2 Manganese Diox.
3 Bentonite
Second test of this glaze, both of which produced a fluid to runny, =
light yellow to honey brown glaze.
Pooled in the center of test bowl to a glistening light yellowish glaze =
with a ring of darker browns.
No signs of purple or opalescence in either test.
Personal: The glaze has a nice color and semi gloss surface, however =
due to it's name and tendency to
run (big drips but not off foot) , tests were well below expectations. =
However, will test again overlapping other glazes to see if it can
meet up to it's name.