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workshop with david cuzick

updated fri 8 dec 00


Matt Hankerson on thu 7 dec 00

Workshop with David Cuzick
A Potter's Potter and Acomplished Sculptor
At Nottingham January 6 & 7, 2001

David is a full-time potter, as well as accomplished sculptor, working
in clay for 28 years. He makes functional pots using mostly porcelain
and stoneware clay bodies. Over many years, David has developed a unique
and beautiful suite of glazes to compliment these clay bodies at high

The workshop will begin with David demonstrating glazing techniques with
his glazes for a cone 10 reduction firing. After loading and starting
the kiln, David will demonstrate his excellent throwing while speaking
both to technique and the various aspects of a career as a potter. In
the late afternoon, weather permitting, the group will prepare their
bisque ware for a large Pit Fire. We will load the pit and light it off
at dusk. Arround 8 p.m. David will give a slide show of his work and
studio fallowed by a Pit fire party with munchies, wiener roasts at the
campfire, and libations of your choice.

On Sunday, day two, we will begin at 9 a.m.(over coffee and croissants)
with the unearthing of the pit and admiring the work. After lunch, David
will demonstrate his trimming style and in the late afternoon we will
open the gas kiln to unload the glazed pots.

This will be an intense, but quite fun, workshop where the group will
learn technique as well as how one can make a successful career in ceramics.

Participants are encouraged to bring lots of bisque ware for the Pit
fire. The workshop is being priced quite low, $65.oo for the two days,
so that all may take advantage of this unique learning expirience.

Prospective attendees are encouraged to view David's web site at
to read his philosophy regarding his work and to view his pots and sculpture.

To view a documentation of a previous large pit fire at the Nottingham
Center, go to Andy Cliff's web site at and click
on Pitfire

Send reservation and payment to:
Nottingham Center for the Arts
PO Box 460 San Marcos, CA 92079

For more information or to be added to our mailing list, please contact
Terry Sullivan at or visit the Nottingham website at

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