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vs: glaze test for blue green, cone 6, oxidation.

updated fri 8 dec 00


Bret Hinsch on wed 6 dec 00

If we all always add a zero in front of our decimals, we can avoid this sort
of confusion. "0.5" is a lot clearer than ".5". Lets all make the extra
zero before the decimal standard in the glaze recipes we trade.


>This glaze had 4.5 % too much cobalt for breakfast.
>Should read 0.5 cobalt, not 5.0.
>>It appeared as .5.
>I cannot see those tiny dots sometimes.

Bret Hinsch
1F, 32 Tung-shih Street
Hsichih, Taipei

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Alisa and Claus Clausen on wed 6 dec 00

Dear Group,
It is so great to have people reading and checking and helping.
The following mistake was seen by Andy Buck.
This glaze had 4.5 % too much cobalt for breakfast.
Should read 0.5 cobalt, not 5.0.

It appeared as .5.=20
I cannot see those tiny dots sometimes.

AND, I was just getting sort of mildishly cocky that I was beginning to =
porportions in receipes. Like recently when I had 80 zircopax written =
down for=20
a hundred gram receipe. Well, that would be obvious to most novices, =
but I am
getting better at recognizing sensible porportions. Sure did MISS this =
one, however.
Thanks a lot to Andy for holding check on me. She/He? also said that I =
must have meant
Tong Man, not Tang Man, which is also correct. Claus does not refresh =
me with that orange moon drink
at the raku site! Tang is also kelp here, as it is also a tong. =20
OK, will retest with 0.5 cobalt.
Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

Source: Lubbock, Texas, USA
42 Soda Feldspar
24 Colemanite
14 Ball clay
7 Silica
7 Ultrox
5 Dolomite
5 Cobalt oxide
1.0 Chrome oxide
local spar for Sodaspar
Zircopax for Ultrox
Resulted in dark blue to almost black, gloss. =20
BUT, I do not know what this glaze ate for breakfast, but it spit all =
over like crazy. It jumped over to a pot next to the test and left a =
huge halo of blue on the
shelf and on the adjacent wall.