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updated thu 7 dec 00


will edwards on tue 5 dec 00

F-4 will replace NC-4. Comes from the same mountain I hear. One digging F=
4 on
one side and NC-4 on the other.

Wm's Big White (Waxy)

Flint ( Quartz Silica ) 30.46
Gerstley Borate 25.18
NC-4 25.20
Talc 14.18
Epk Kaolin 4.98
Tin Oxide 8.00

Alisa and Cindy might be interested in this one as well for testing purpo=
It is a delightful Waxy White that feels like a candle.
No need in reminding anyone that testing and safety are the two factors t=
hat a
potter should live by. Lungs and livers are at work 24/7 so lets all vent=
LOI out of our lives including carbon monoxide. (one molecule that kills)=
to be confuzzled with Carbon Dioxide which plants take in and give off
oxygen.(What an exchange of love).. Love your weeds and tree's people!
Practice safe Potting....

William Edwards
Opelika Arts Center

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