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bfa/ mfa programs

updated fri 1 dec 00


Marcia Selsor on thu 30 nov 00

I am just back from a breif workshop/visit to Bringham Young University
where Von Allen heads up the Ceramics and 3-d areas there. I was really
impressed with the work being done by the BFA and MFA students in the
program there. The entire place was buzzing with the end of semesters
frenzy of firings and glazing. There were three very large gas kilns
going. Numerous electric kilns including the biggest one I have ever
seen, a wood kiln is under construction and a there is a nice size raku
kiln. The students lean more towards sculptural work although not all of
them. The experimentation in glazing was really exciting to see.
Wonderful work. I think it is a great reflection on Von and her program there.

Marcia Selsor