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thanks for catalog

updated wed 29 nov 00


Karen and Cliff Sandlin on tue 28 nov 00


Your tools are beautiful. I can't afford them yet, but they are something I
will aspire to own. thanks for sending the catalog.----- Original


Message -----
From: "Philip Poburka"
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 11:16 PM
Subject: "Guggenheim - Hermitage" 'in' Loss-Veigh-gus

> There is to be a "Guggenheim - Hermitage Museum" here in Las Vegas...built
> 'into' the 'Venetian Hotel-Casino'...the Museum is slated to open sometime
> next year.
> In latter October just last, I was hired to effect some repairs to the
> Architectural Model, which had been broken on it's way here from
> Holland...and also to conclude some parts of it that not been finished.
> They got ahold of me at around 10:30 at night, and I worked on it until
> about 5:30 in the morning. Their presentation was at 8:00 a.m. All went
> well. It was fun. Got 'er done. Nice people.
> The Architect is Rem Koolhaas. He seems like an 'OK' fellow, tho' I didn't
> get to meet him.
> He supposedly 'hates' the 'Strip'...his 'design'...makes a small
> 'not-Strip' IN the 'Strip'...he is 'ok' with me.
> I think he well's a 'whacky ol' world'...
> It is an odd tale of politics, on many levels...and, of course, the
> 'Venetian' IS on the 'Strip' (as they say...)
> The executive Architects are out of Cambridge, Massechusets.
> 'Interesting', and curious...
> 'How' things-get-done...
> I live 'Down-town'...
> Last of the old 'seedy' armpit of 'Las Vegas'.
> People been tryin' to 'nurture' an 'Art' scene 'Downtown' for a long
> time...there aint much...'some', but just 'some'...I like
> 'Downtown'...
> How could I not?
> Anyway...'too':
> There is an 'ART' organization...I am a 'friend' of...'Downtown'
> and they have their 'Call for entries/proposals' for the up-comeing
> Season...for their Gallery...just 'went-out'.
> If anyone wanted to propose a 'SHOW', and 'do' it if selected...I could
> forward you the 'Call' and you could propose a 'Pottery' or 'Ceramic' Show
> of some kind...That would be kind of allright methinks...
> Let me know 'off-line' :
> Philip
> in
> Las
> Vegas
> a go-go
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