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updated wed 29 nov 00


Charles on mon 27 nov 00

Diane, I don't know where you are, but we are having a tea ceremony and
discussion of Japanese tea ware on December 2nd at R&T's Creative Oasis in
State College, PA. The ceremony will begin around 1, but folks are welcome
to come early to watch the preparation.


Visit my webpage...
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From: Diane Lamb-Wanucha
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 9:33 PM
Subject: Fine Art/ Craft

> I'm a High School Art Teacher making progress in getting students to
> ceramic class. Many students arrive thinking ceramics class is not as
> serious as drawing or painting. I start students talking about their
> experience with clay and different styles of pottery, sculpture etc. The
> students start right away by improving their observational skills and
> drawing skills by creating a portfolio of the work of ceramic artists that
> they find in Ceramic Monthly and reference books in the classroom library.
> Our first project is a tea bowl and we plan a Japanese Tea Ceremony. The
> bowl has to be functional as well as exist as pure art. Throughout the
> semester we refer back to the tea bowl and most students decide that a
> bowl can indeed be art.
> I would be happy to hear about other ways teachers view this art/craft
> question with high school students. Thanks Diane
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