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electric kiln placement

updated mon 4 dec 00


Jean Lutz on tue 28 nov 00

Would there be any potential problems with putting an electric kiln in a
room with a gas furnace and gas water heaters?
The room is about 12 ft. x 30 ft. and has a window and doors to the outside
and to the interior of the house (lower level with 2 offices and the studio
There would be a small wall mounted fan vented to the outside. The kiln
could be as much as 6-8 ft away from the furnace and water heaters which
are at one end of the room and the kiln could be at the other end near the
window and outside door. My concern is the possible fire hazzard of any of
the fumes from the kiln igniting as a result of the close proximity to the
pilot lights or possibly the fumes causing other damage to the furnace and
water heaters.
Jean Lutz

Cindy Strnad on wed 29 nov 00


The fumes from your kiln won't be volatile, but they will sometimes be toxic
(and not always smellable toxins). You'll probably find you need a better
venting system than the fan.

The gas appliances are more dangerous than the kiln, as long as the kiln is
properly wired and located, and you don't have people stacking books on it
in the middle of a firing or anything.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730

J102551@AOL.COM on wed 29 nov 00

You just described my kiln room perfectly. No problems at all. Jeri

Jim V Brooks on thu 30 nov 00

Jean..i would think that the fumes from the electric kiln would not ignite.
If they were going to burn,,then would burn in the kiln... It probably gets
hotter than your furnace would. I'm sure there are people here that can
give you the info you are seeking. If not, call your friendly Kiln
company..and talk to them about it.. Jim in Denton.

Bonnie Staffel on sat 2 dec 00

Dear Jean,

The danger here is the pulling power of the fan. If it is strong enough to
pull the fumes from your firing, it may also cause a down draft in your gas
furnace, providing you with carbon monoxide or other noxious fumes which
usually go up your furnace chimney. It would be a very good idea to open a
window or door when the fan is working or turn your furnace off, although
the pilot would still be burning. Guess it doesn't take much to kill you in
this situation.

Bonnie Staffel