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updated thu 30 nov 00


Denise Bohart on tue 28 nov 00

Are the prices in Axner's catalog the same as on the web site? In
expanding our library at the Craft Center, I recently priced several
books our of the catalog, both for the Center and my own personal
library. Yes, I found that Axner carries much that Amazon either does
not carry, or must special order. But for the more main-stream books
that Amazon does carry, they ship in 24 to 48 hours, and the one I
ordered was about 15% less. Being west coast, I got it in 3-4 days.

I love Axner; as the new ceramics lab manager, it has become my new
favorite place to get supplies, with great pricing even when I have to
ship across the country. But oftentimes it's hard to beat Amazons prices!

Denise Bohart
Northern California