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glaze test for le matt, cone 6, oxidation

updated tue 28 nov 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on sun 26 nov 00

Source: Lela Martens, Canada
Tested on white, medium range stoneware, fired to 1220c, oxidation.
16.8 Flint
56.4 Whiting
25.8 Zinc Oxide
46.2 Kaolin =20
All measurements rounded up to the next highest decimal.
Resulted in a smooth white ground with pale yellowish speckling =
throughout. Dry in some of the thickest areas.
Lela's second Le Matt receipe
20 Whiting
56 Custer sapr
18 EPK
6 Flint
tested same as above,
Local spar for Custer
Resulted in a stable, silk matt white glaze. Nice feel and hard =
surface.Could be a nice liner, but not as waxy like the matts I =
personally prefer.
Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark