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handles...handles...and goats

updated sat 25 nov 00


Ababi Sharon on fri 24 nov 00

> Third Generation teapots coming out of my workshop....
> pulled handles! I've pulled a couple overheads, but my favorite...
> the side handle with nice deep ridges or thumb grooves.
> Steve Dalton
> Clear Creek Pottery
> Snohomish, Wa

At my former work, as a zookeeper, I had a goat or two, which had a kid once
year.When time was to wean the babies, we had to milk the goats, for several
times, when their long udders where full with milk. This could explain you
it was so easy to me to learn this technique, called by my teacher, "handles
by milking".
I taught this technique, to the first group of women from the neighbor town
Rahat, that had learnt ceramics in my studio .They giggled and laughed, I
thought it reminded them something else than goats.After that I never
taught it again.

Ababi Sharon
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