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support your local business!

updated fri 24 nov 00


Coyotbeth@AOL.COM on thu 23 nov 00

Three cheers for Steve Branfman!! Can testify to his dedication to his
"business". Had questions on books during the time they were closed around
Labor Day, not expecting any answers until they reopened. Well guess what?
Not only got the answers we were looking for, but via a phone call from
Steve! Thought that was above and beyond - he's really a great guy.
I am a partner in a local business (gallery & supply) and can tell you that
the support of the community is vital to our well-being. We appreciate the
business from our local potters, many of whom also consign with us (some who
previously had gotten away from consignment!). Our goal is to treat the
customers in a way we would like to be treated, with respect and courtesy.
We thank you Steve, and your staff, for being the professional and helpful
people you have always been!
Beth, Christine, Deb, Leslie, Penney & Walter
Collective Arts Gallery & Ceramic Supply
Raleigh, NC