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newsletter, nov. 2000, yixing symposium.

updated fri 24 nov 00


Clayart China on thu 23 nov 00

CLAYART CHINA, November 2000, Vol. 16. Yixing Symposium, 2001

"CLAYART CHINA" is a newsletter emailed monthly to professional artists,
curators, collectors, writers, experts, educators and students in the
ceramic field, who want to know about ceramic art in China and things
related. This newsletter will be a bridge between China and Western
countries for the ceramic arts. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
(Copyright 2000, The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA. All rights

The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA
P.O. Box 64392, Sunnyvale, CA 94088, USA
Tel. 408-245-6271, Fax. 408-245-8756
Chief Editor: Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
English Editor: Deborah Bouchette

China, Jiangsu Province, Yixing. May 30 - June 2, 2001.
International Ceramic Art -Teapot Symposium, Yixing, China 2001.
The event will include International clay art exhibitions, lectures and
workshops by Yixing master artists and internationally known western
ceramists, tours of Yixing artists' studios, and sightseeing. Pre-symposium
trip will include Shanghai, and post-symposium trip will include Jingdezhen,
Xian, Dunhuang, Beijing. Whole trip will be May 24 - June 13, 2001. Fee: US
$3,950, will include international round-trip airfare, domestic
transportation, tickets, three meals, lodging, interpreter and tour guide.
Contact: Richard Notkin ( or Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA.
PO Box 64392
Sunnyvale, CA 94088-4392
Tel. 408-245-6271, Fax. 408-245-8756

Symposium Calendar (proposed)
May 29
9 am - 5 pm. Registration.

May 30
9 am - 2 pm: Registration and tours of Yixing clay artists' studios.
2 - 5 pm: Opening ceremony of the Symposium and International Clay Art
Exhibition, speeches by the mayor of Yixing, local and international artist
representatives. Chinese traditional music and dance performance.
7 - 9 pm: Welcome banquet.

May 31
8 am - 12 pm: Visit dragon kiln site, Purple Sand factory and Yixing Jun
ware factory.
2 - 6 pm: Slide lectures by Eastern teapot artists and Western teapot
artists. (Four of each side, limit 30 minutes for each artist).
Chinese side: (Names will be announced later).
Western side: (Names will be announced later).
8 - 10 pm: (40 minutes for each topic).
Slides lecture 1: Yixing ceramic history (English only). (Names will be
announced later).
Slides lecture 2: American ceramic art history (Chinese only). (Names will
be announced later).
Slides lecture 3: A survey of American and Western artists, who have been
influenced by Yixing. (Names will be announced later).

June 1
8 am - 12 pm: Visit Shuan-jue cave, bamboo forest and tea plantation and
2 - 6 pm: Tea tasting, traditional Yixing teapot workshop and Western clay
demonstration at Xu Xiu-Tang's studio. (Names will be announced).
8 - 10 pm: Panel discussion: comparison of Eastern and Western clay teapot
aesthetics, ceramic art markets, and educations.
Panelists: (Names will be announced later).
Moderator: (Names will be announced later).

June 2
8 am - 12 pm: Free time for teapot and clay tool markets.
2 pm: Slide Forum for Eastern and Western artists. Limit total 30 artists
and 5 minutes / 10 slides for each artist. (Open to all participating
artists, send slides and biography for entry, dead line: April 10, 2001).
8 - 9 pm: Closing ceremony.
9 - 12 am: Dancing party.

International Clay Art Exhibition at Yixing Ceramic Art Museum
Everyone who participates in the Yixing symposium is encouraged to bring one
small piece for the show (it can be carried by yourself, and you may
exchange your work with Chinese artists--detailed information will come out

This Ceramic Cultural Exchange Program is organized by both Richard Notkin
and Guangzhen "Po" Zhou.

Richard Notkin, or
Guangzhen "Po" Zhou,

The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA.
PO Box 64392, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-4392
Tel. 408-245-6271, Fax. 408-245-8756

The Shanghai Art Fair was from Nov. 4th - 8th. The Chinese Ceramic Art
Council, USA organized a group of American clay art works shown there, and
we received great attention from the Chinese artists. We were interviewed by
the Shanghai TV Station, Beijing People's Radio, and many newspapers.
The leather cases of Marilyn Levine attracted a lot of people to touch. They
wanted to feel the pieces to believe they were not real leather, or they
even wanted to open them and check out the inside. We had to watch the works
all the time.
Dennis Parks and his son went with us to Shanghai. Also, at the art fair, I
met Wayne Higby, who was in Shanghai for participating in the ceremony of
relocating the Fine Art College, Shanghai University.
Shanghai is my hometown; it was fun, and I met a lot of old friends with
whom I did not have contact for over ten years.
- Guangzhen "Po" Zhou

The Pottery Workshop in Hong Kong presents Looking Back/Forward - 5
Outstanding Ceramic Artists from China, 10th-23rd November, 2000. Featuring
works by Lu Bin, Bai Lei, Huang Chun Mao, Zhou Wu and Chen Guanghui. A
museum quality exhibition featuring 5 superb artists from mainland China,
the works are innovative and creative, not to be missed.

Title: Looking Back/Forward - 5 Outstanding Ceramic Artists from China.
Artists: Lu Bin (Shenzhen), Bai Lei and Huang Chun Mao (Jingdezhen), Zhou Wu
(Hangzhou) and Chen Guanghui (Shanghai)
Time: 10th - 23rd November, 2000
Opening reception: 5 - 7pm 10th November, 2000
Venue: The Pottery Workshop Gallery and Montblanc Gallery at the Fringe, 2
Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: Queenie Leung 852-2525-7949

China, in the past, has been most well known in the art world for its
ceramics. Looking Back/Forward, curated by Caroline Cheng, takes a look at 5
contemporary artists and their exceptionally creative ceramic work: Huang
Chun Mao and his larger than life figurative work, Zhou Wu's wheel thrown
objects, Chen Guanghui's conceptual pieces, Lu Bin's installations and Bai
Lei's expressive sculptures. These 5 artists are considered by many to be
the cream of the crop of ceramic artists in China. This exhibition is not
to be missed!

A slide presentation and demonstration workshop by the 5 artists will be
held on Monday, 13th November, 2-5pm. Admission free. For more information
contact Queenie Leung 852-2525-7949.
This event is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

This year's Shanghai Biennial is the first to involve international artists
and curators. It promises to be a significant event in terms of China's
cultural relation to the West, as well as a knock-out exhibition. In an
exclusive web report, eyestorm Editor David Barrett details the opening
week's events. To see web report, visit:

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