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june's firing

updated sat 25 nov 00


Joyce Lee on thu 23 nov 00

June Perry..... the exploits of whom are going to send me toppling off
this chair ....... said:

> My firing was a bit of a disaster because I had a lot of a new porcelain body
> in there and I didn't wash the bases or put alumina hydrate in the wax, etc.

I decided to sneak off and peek in to see what's happening in our
cyberworld.... glad I did ... several encouraging personal posts... and
oh my Gawd ..... there's June's post about a firing disaster!! June!
This sounds like my weekly firings, June, for several years.
I have what appears to be an art deco foundation along one side of my
studio (large garage plus), which is composed of flashy/splashy ruined
beyond redemption shelves propped up as if they were destined to be. The
best I could manage was to progressively have more acceptably fired pots
than total losses. I'm still firing on shelves with deeply embedded
glaze spots, which I've covered with thin clay slabs because I don't yet
trust spending the big bucks on a new set. And that's in my NEW Geil.
Sinful..... And now June does the same? Wonder how many of our other
gurus have had such disasters since achieving Major Guru status. Warms
my cockles. Don't know why. Just the misery-loves-company or
we're-all-in-this-together syndrome??

And, yes, I do follow a firing schedule... or several firing
schedules... and I AM stretching beyond my own personal reach ... and
yes I should take it easy, slow up, quit trying so hard, let it happen,
develop naturally .... but I'm NOT an artist nor even a competent
craftsperson as of yet ... so I'm fated to do that which I do well!!
Mess up. That's what I seem to be good at. Talent will out.

In the Mojave where the flicker sits on the light above the front door
and tries to beat me inside on these cold desert nights..... reminds me
of the bluejays and cardinals in the Okefeenokee swampland just outside
our back door when we lived in Georgia ... they DID come inside once
with their babies ... but retreated rapidly ..... never knew what that
was about but they were a constant entertainment ..... the snakes were

Joyce Lee on fri 24 nov 00

For those who might have misunderstood .... I wasn't all that amazed at
June's firing mishap .... I've known from direct posts for a long time
that the very best of us have a terrible firing at times. I was just
joking with June because she was my very first Guru and helped me
practically daily for at least my first year and still helps from time
to time.

One great part of Clayart is that our gurus so selflessly share their
disasters as well as all the knowledge they've earned .... much of it
having been gained from such bad fortune. June is one of those, for you
who may be new and not aware of her well-earned status of respect from
the members of this list. June and many others have kindly steered me
.... and the list ... through throwing, handbuilding, glaze concocting
and oxidation, reduction and raku firing, as well as exploration of
salt/soda, soda ash, shino ..... PLUS kiln purchasing .... extruders ..
and intelligent, thoughtful, soul-searching, non-pedantic discussions
about art. June is one of our finest mentors and I wouldn't want ANYBODY
to think that I thought she was one whit less than that. Jeez. Next time
I'll just send my half-witty remarks to the party in question who I know
will understand exactly what I'm saying.

To repeat, I was kidding .... but it's my fault that you might not have
understood. I truly forget that new members may not be aware just how
magnificent our gurus are and how they've made this list what it is ...
including the attitudes of fairness and sharing that prevail.

In the Mojave going for tall handbuilt bottles with thrown finials at
the moment ... between teapots.