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updated thu 23 nov 00


sdpotter@GTE.NET on tue 21 nov 00

I'm sure Mel may have placed an end to the handle discussion,
but I would like to throw in my 2 bits worth before he does.

When I first started down the teapot lane, I would place a cane
handle upon the pot. Heck, I even made a couple of my own.
Then I found bamboo handles from a supplier someplace by the
Great Lakes area...I can't remember their name. Nice, but I
didn't like the soft metal tabs you bent up to hold it on.

Third Generation teapots coming out of my workshop....
pulled handles! I've pulled a couple overheads, but my favorite...
the side handle with nice deep ridges or thumb grooves.

I agree with suit and pin on tie...the handle is just
not a feature it's used for completion. The handle needs to fit the
teapot, be it purchased or handmade. It should not
stick out like a sore thumb. Ugly and detract itself from the hard
work the potter has placed into the piece.

Steve Dalton
Clear Creek Pottery
Snohomish, Wa

Cat Jarosz on wed 22 nov 00

Hi all ... I've been following the teapot handle discussion with
interest.... I too had used a bought cane handle and then attempted
to make my own... and searched everywhere for anyone or anything to
give me some imfo on HOW TO... I even talked to Billie Ruth Sudan (
spelling ) the basket guru of the USA ... I've attempted many on my
own with my old macrame' skills :oD but was not totally
thrilled , tried dying the cane tried different types of basket cane
and reeds and what ever you call the stuff... but I have never seen
any thing as beautiful as those handles in the latest PMI .. Only
problem is the directions are really not easy to follow ... I tried to
visualize the process and tried to figure out the diagram ... its not real
clear ... may haps I need handles for dummies book .. seriously
now if Shelia would give a demo even a mini one in the clay room at
Nceca I will come .... this is something I have been wanting for a long
time .... workshop in cane handles heck if she could work something out
with Brian Mc Carthy of High Water Fame or Oddessy his school to do
a workshop on handles this would be great .... heck if he cant do it
try Haywood Community College in Clyde NC talk to Gary Clontz ... I
believe there would be alot of interest in something like this ... not just
Teapot handles either ... does anyone do anything with wood attachments
??? Or other materials besides cane ?? seen some really nice vine
handles .... Sincerely Cat Jarosz

RSteigmeye@AOL.COM on wed 22 nov 00

i used to try the cane and bamboo handles, but i soon switched to more local
materials. since i live in apple and pear country, most of my handles are
made from pear branches and rusty baling wire. i walk around in the orchard
outside of my house until i find a pruning that has the right elbow in it
and the diameter i want for a particular teapot, then peel of the bark, sand
it down, and oil it. the ends are connected to lugs with twists of baling
wire that i found on the side of the road. i think the wood surface
complements my kind of teapots more than a shiny cane handle would, and each
peice of wood has a personality all its own. the hard part is bending the
wire to the right shape without breaking the lugs.
cashmere washington