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the hung jury

updated tue 21 nov 00


clennell on mon 20 nov 00

Loose Liz wrote:
>It is really an interesting question. Whether or not jurors can be
>objective when selecting work for shows or awards.

Liz: It is a struggle. I took a course from Stephen Hogbin who has just
launched his book "Art and Perception". Stephen is one of the finest
designers I have ever known. He told me to go into a show and "Always look
hardest at the object you least like".. I have tried to do this when
jurying and at a show of work. I try to understand the work even though I
wasn't immediately attracted to it.
When the show is finally hung it speaks of the jurors.. It should! People
hired you because they trusted your esthetic. They knew it might be
different than the last juror. That's the point. It's a dice throw. Pots
that were rejected from this show may be BEST in Show" next time. Hey, Fred
Nettleship just might be the juror.
The controversy about handles, jurying etc etc goes on because potters take
pots seriously. They care enough to debate. I don't want to ever have the
right formula.
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