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our communal sale procedures

updated tue 21 nov 00


priddy on mon 20 nov 00

We are having to do somethng odd with Clay Art 2000 here in Beaufort.

Because the invited potters are not members of our co-op gallery, we have=
to do it seperately. Several of them are joining the gallery and they wi=
ll go
to normal procedures after it is over.

I made an inventory list of all pots received for the show in the form of=
with the information, the artist and the price of each pot.

I made three copies of this, one on heavier paper.

One I cut into tags to go next to the pot in the gallery, the heavy one.

One list is in a plastic envelope with the ticket book for the show.

One list belongs to the treasurer.

As each pot is sold, three red tags with the name of the buyer are made a=
one is placed on the inventory list with the ticket book. A red tag is al=
placed on the tag next to the pot. (the work will be picked up after the=

show's initial run) A red tag is also placed on the individual artist's =
in the cash box. =

The book keeper marks her list off as she enters the sale in the record b=
ook. =

She will write a check once a month for the artists', as she does for all=

regular sales.

The tags are redundant. That way the bookkeeper will know have at least =
red tag to go by with the name of the buyer on the tag, which should matc=
h up
with the receipt book. =

I think you should have each artist make you a master list that you have =
record keeper place a dot on as they sort the tags. That way you would b=
e =

more redundant with a minimum of extra work.

you already have the lists, you just need a copy of it. You could write =
checks by the list rather than the tags, hence handling them less and
decreasing your chance for error. In case of mistakes, you go to the phy=
tag, not the list. I personally, would much prefer dealing eith a list t=
little tags, if I were writing checks at the end of a busy day. And as t=
artist, I can just scan the identical list rather than matching a tag to =
inventory sheet.

In my opinion, there is no Good way...just an error minimized way.


respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy

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