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kiln available for repair or conversion to gas

updated tue 21 nov 00


Millie Carpenter on fri 17 nov 00

Okay, I have this older kiln that I got 4th or 5h hand. I am
embarrassed to tell you how long I have had it in my basement, and I
kept saying that I was going to fix it up. the floor is broken, the
lid is cracked, some of the bricks are broken. it heats up, but would
need new elements to really get cracking. I am never going to fix it
up. I can't have a gas kiln now for various reasons. so this would be
really great for someone who wanted to try the combo electric and gas.
this kiln is in Severna Park, Md. any offer ( reasonable or
unreasonable) is welcome. preferably before my husband gets really
serious about taking it to the dump.

Millie in MD.

PS I also have two little tiny test kilns from the fifties, an electric
wheel in a homemade frame, and what I think is a pyrometer also from
the fifties. and they are up for grabs also. we are talking one digit
money here.

KBerry7178@AOL.COM on sun 19 nov 00


I am so sorry to bother you, as I have already written to you regarding
the test kilns and pyrometer, but I was just eager to find out if you had
already sold them to someone else. I sure hope not. I can fly out as a
spouse of an employee of American Airlines, to pick them up if I am lucky
enough to be the one to purchase them. I am just out of school, and trying
to begin gathering the needs of my studio out of my home. I would love to
have any piece of equipment that I can get together at this point. Well,
thanks again, Jackie Berry Texas potter.

Millie Carpenter on mon 20 nov 00


I sent the notice in and promptly got sick, okay, these kiln, and the pyrometer
are in sad shape they are from the 50's and are either on or off, the pyrometer
needs to be rewired and probably a new tip, that is why I said single diget $.
the one that is in the best shape, will go up to cone 6 after about 10 hours, it
can hold about three mugs. I really added them as sort of a joke. I really
didn't mean to offer these things as serious purchases. hold out for at least an
18 inch L&L, Scutt or Paragon,
Go to a greenware hobby shop and put up a notice that you want to buy one. a lot
of the people buy them use them for a few years and then go to another hobby. I
did this,