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refire raku crackle:india ink

updated sat 18 nov 00


Keiko Suga & Noel Oard Mapstead on thu 16 nov 00

my experience in refiring raku crackle effects, is that when the refire is brought
to mature temperature again
remelts, and all previous crackles (crazing) are gone...

pulling the pottery piece out again, and short cooling, creats an all new crackle
i have done this repeated times (4x) before getting a desired crackle sytem

i do not know if there is a technique of creating different colored crackle areas
by manipulating the firing process

noel oard mapstead

Bruce Girrell wrote:

> Veena Raghavan wrote:
> >I wonder if anyone suggested using an underglaze, such as the Amaco
> >Black Velvet, rubbed into the cracks, after the glaze fire, and then fired
> >again at Cone 06.
> Interesting. I don't know whether the subsequent firing would diffuse the
> lines of the pattern formed with the rubbed in glaze, but it should work
> unless the glaze is particularly runny (and even then it could be
> interesting). I would also think it would be interesting to rub a color such
> as orange into the cracks, then refire and use ink to highlight the crackle
> produced in the second firing so that you end up with two different patterns
> in one.
> Bruce "adding one more experiment to the list" Girrell
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