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hand made handles

updated sat 18 nov 00


Dave Murphy on fri 17 nov 00

Mel and all:

I always have confused issues around the judging of pots by, other =
potters, educated art collectors, people who teach art but don't do it =
and so on. It must be incredibly hard to judge like quality and then =
pick something stellar. I rather liked the fact that Ms. Bringle =
selected a criterion and then stuck to it. It helps to weed out the =
field. It doesn't mean anything at all except that was her criterion. =
She could as easily have said that if it was blue it was gone too!

The best reason I have ever heard for selecting a work of art that was =
made of clay, was that the artist used those unique qualities of clay to =
speak. Neat eh? I think you should be happy with your Tpots, Mel.

Barbara Murphy
Waterloo County Pottery
Waterloo Ontario