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fw: more about books 2 / william

updated sat 18 nov 00


Renate Schmidt on fri 17 nov 00

From: Sharon31
Subject: More about books 2
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 20:51:38 +0200

We were asked last week about educational books, I wrote only about these
ones that were easy to read, and not dealing with more complicated stuff ,
if I nay say it this way.
after finishing the limited frame, I learnt, books, Clayart, and the
educating sites Like Digitalfire and the Ceramic web, were my teachers.
Whenever I felt stuck, a good book helped me.
* One of the first books I bought was Gibson's, Pottery Decoration. From
this book you learn that even these big masters that explain about their
works, are normal human being that like me and you arrived to ceramics,
mostly incidentally. The book, did not teach me, more gave me directions!
* Ash Glazes (Tichane), here I am disappointed, the book is not updated,
more seitific than practical and only ^10 glazes. I wanted to learn more
about ash the names did not mean anything, (before Clayart) and bought the
book that cost less.
* Ceramic Form, Beautifull book Peter Lane not only a great artist His
English is beautifull, I stay with the pictures (sometimes read a bit)
* Crystalline Glazes \Creber, Diane. Beautiful clear book, I read it in two
days! (a foreigner!)
* Great Ideas For Potters I
* Great Ideas For Potters II Takes time to find what good for you, but
full with great idea, if
would published it chromo paper with photographs would be sold good!
* Mold Making for Ceramics\frith an excellent book
Took me half a year and two good books, to learn itn and to understand that
it is not my way in ceramics. But this book is comprehensive, and helps me
in other aspects.Too good English!
* Slipcasting\Wardell, Sasha. The second book. Good but was not clear enough
for me.
* The Potter's Professional handbook, of Steven Branfman, I started to read,
being lazy, did not finish, these of you that they have there work as a
business will learn a lot.
* Raku Pottery\ Piepenburg, Robert. The book for me is more like a poet. The
English is too good, and unfortunately, the glazes, with the 50%B2O3 in
G.B. are historic now!, Yet a beautifull book!
* I have a video, of \ Piepenburg and it is a celebration!
* Raku: A Practical Approach\Steve Branfman: Everything you wanted to know
about raku and you did not dare to ask!
You need it as a starting point and along the way!
* Exploring clay with children\Chris Utley and Mal Magson I was
disappointed, but for a teacher who is not a potter, could help in 'clay"
This is about all. There is another beautifull Russian book, I will see if
it may be interesting and sand you the details

Ababi Sharon

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