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updated tue 21 nov 00


Jo Gilder on fri 17 nov 00

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to add a book that I picked up arbitrarily at Barnes and
Noble. It's called
The Potter's Directory of Shape and Form by Neal French. I've taken it
to class and everyone who's seen it has run out to buy it. Basically it
covers all basic forms and their nuances. It does a great job showing
handles, spouts and it gives you over 600 designs at a glance. It runs
about $20 (US).



Jo Gilder
Waterville, VT

Renate Schmidt on fri 17 nov 00

From: Sharon31
Subject: Re: Educational Videos and Books
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 08:58 PM

The books I write in this list, are these ones, that except being good, I
could read them without running too many times to the dictionary. I follow
the list from Axner:
The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide, Monona Rossol
TheBest of New Ceramic Art,
Ceramic Projects/C.M.
Ceramic Windchimes/Conrad, John W. This small book teaches everything about
decoration, through windchimes.
Ceramics: Shapes and Surfaces Handouts for Potters
Ceramics: Shapes and Surfaces Handouts for Potters \Lana Wilson, book and
Decorating Pottery\.Ball, F. Carlton
Extruded Ceramics\Diana Pancioli
TheExtruder Book,\Baird, Daryl E.
Glaze Projects\Behrens, Richard
Great Ideas For Potters I
2500 suggestions submitted to Ceramics Monthly magazine
Great Ideas for Potters II
New collection of suggestions from Ceramics Monthly readers classified on
forming processes, decorating, glazing, firing and tools
Hand-Formed Ceramics: Creating Form and Surface\ Zakin.A very good book!
Handbuilt Ceramics\Triplett, Kathy. I bought this book lately as a new
opinion.Zakin does better shoeing ideas of some artist while Triplett shoes
more of what she knows best, it is good too.
The Magic of Fire 1 and 2 \Hansen. This explains how I can tell you from
Israel what P.V. clay is and I never felt it in my hands
Surface Decoration for Low-Fire Ceramics\Peters, Lynn Not my test of
working, but was very easy to read
The Potter's Directory of Shape and Form, French, Neal. Good pictures
minimal text.
Raku Firing and Reduction\Piepenburg, Robert.
All these will cost you money
If you go to my home page ,
You wil find many links to education start with: Miscellaneous than
the Toolbox for specific ceramic topics and so on.(thank you Faye!)
There are some more books, but you said that you had only 10000$ !

Ababi Sharon
Password: local potter

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