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design-books by david pye, want more!

updated fri 17 nov 00


george koller on thu 16 nov 00

Hello ClayFolks,

Just finishing reading "The Nature of Art of Workmanship" and
"The Nature & Aesthetics of Design" by David Pye. I found them
extremely interesting and engaging and about right for me "where
I am in my understandings" of matters relating to Design, Workmanship,
and Art.

These books were recommended some time ago in a ClayArt thread
as good and it has taken me this long to get them and read them. I am
now looking for more reading recommendations along somewhat
similar lines. Basically, I guess, I am looking for ways to introduce
the under trained left side of my brain to the, relatively overstuffed
right side.

For those interested here are a few of my favorite quotes from
David Pye:

"The value of beauty, then, is that along with human contact
it enables us to break out of the otherwise impregnable spiritual
isolation to which every one of us is born and to feel ourselves
at home in the world."


"The value and essence of art is that it makes us know beauty".


"Man is a part of nature, dependent on it and perhaps organized in
his brain, instincts and capacities no differently from, though more
adaptable and capably than, many other animals."

I could go on and on. Looking for more of this toward understanding

Thanks for the suggestions,

George Koller
Sturgeon Bay, WI - Door County

Ok, ok, just one more:

"Unpalliated devices are caviare to the general."

.....What does that mean anyway?

Not having a tooache in no goal for a lietime.