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tucker's ^6 clay

updated thu 16 nov 00


C TRIPP on tue 14 nov 00

Thanks to all who responded. Here was the outcome; everyone likes Tucker's.
MCS seems to be the prefered porcelain for throwing, and 6-50 is the
porcelain for handbuilding. Stoneware responses were few but everyone was
satisfied. So, I know what porcelain to try but I still don't know about
the stoneware though it would appear that no matter what I order, it will be
good. Is this one for the dart board?

Regards, Carol

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peanuts over from the neighbor's, roosting on our TV aerial, and dropping
shells all over the side yard.

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SHLait@AOL.COM on wed 15 nov 00

Hi Carol-
I lurk on Clayart and have been following your question about Tucker's cone 6
clays. I have been using their stoneware for about a year and am very happy
with it. I've tried Mid Cal 5, Mid Red and CCSS . Mid Red fires a rich
red-brown in my electric kiln, Mid Cal 5 is a warm tan and CCSS is about the
same color as Mid Cal 5 but with those manganese speckles. I joke with my
non-potter husband that Tucker's is gourmet clay, kinda like Hershey's vs.
Godiva chocolate. At our guild they fire a cone 10 body (labeled cone 4- cone
10) to cone 6 in the electric kiln and it leaks like a sieve and looks like
unbaked cookie dough. That's why I decided to try Tucker's after reading good
reviews on Clayart. I'm glad I did and am getting ready to order more.
Good luck-
Sara (in Okemos, Michigan where there is snow on the ground for the first
time this fall)

MaryBeth Bishop on wed 15 nov 00

Well, guess I should weigh in on the Stoneware side. I have had great
results with Highwater Clay. I have used the Aurora as my basic stoneware
but have tried several others. The Aurora has never let me down. It is
crack resistant and I have fired it over cone 10 in an anagama without it
failing. I was biting my nails with worry but it made it. I have soda
fired/salted and reduced it as well as oxidation firing. It is a cooperative
throwing clay and takes a lot of abuse better known as alteration. Has a
little iron in it which makes some glazes very happy.

A white stoneware from Highwater is called Lazy something...I'd have to go to
the studio to look at a box. Anyway it is the best white stoneware I have
found. More given to S cracks than the above but then all white stonewares
are fussy. Still, treated properly it has a failure rate no higher than the
Aurora. A friend of mine has also found that she can use this to make
attachments to her porcelain ware...Highwater's porcelain...and that it works
just fine.

Overall Highwater clays tend to be consistent and free of odd inclusions.
Also they are great people to deal with. You should have them on your
list/dart board.

I have just ordered KPS GA. Peach and 217 White Stoneware from Kickwheel
pottery. They have not arrived but I am told people get good color with
these in wood fire. Will see what happens there.

I missed your original post but thanks for the summary on list.

Mary Beth Bishop
Durham, NC