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updated thu 16 nov 00


clennell on wed 15 nov 00

thinking about Charlotte. Priced the Yankee greenback today at my Credit
Union. $1.57 Cdn for a greenback. If I lived south of 49 I'd be ordering
pots from Sour Cherry Pottery for Christmas by the truck load. We always
quote our prices in Cdn dollars and when the customer (our Clayart buddies
pay they get over a 45% discount.) Makes for nice pots at cheap prices.
I hope the Cdn dollar stays that way. It's a win, win. We get full retail,
socialized medicare, and no war on drugs.
I've tried it, but I never inhaled!

sour cherry pottery
tony and sheila clennell
4545 king street
beamsville, on.L0R 1B1