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mel's workshop in columbus

updated tue 14 nov 00


Daisypet@AOL.COM on mon 13 nov 00

I have scanned the list looking for messages about Mel's Workshop on
Saturday. Nancy, Cyberpotter, mentioned it as wonderful. So, since no one has
written yet, I will jump in and, please, any other attendees, add on with
your opinions. Certainly other Clayarters were there.

Mel did not wait to be introduced but started right in. Everyone was made to
feel special by his personal greetings as they came in. It was evident
through out the day, that Mel's high school students were blessed with having
a TEACHER. That is in caps because not all people with that title really
teach. There were so many facets, tips, demos, explanations, funny examples,
serious thinking----well, I could go on and on and could not cover all that
was addressed. Integrity, honesty and lots of humor are other words that come
to mind. Mel, Don Jones(PMI) and Sherman sprayed ITC inside two kilns--this
taking place out of doors. That was of great interest in this procedure. I,
regretfully, had to leave after 5 pm and he was still going strong.

Mel, we were fortunate to have been there, and thank you! Looking forward to
seeing you in Charlotte.

With warmest regards

Phyllis Tilton

TONICLAYS@AOL.COM on mon 13 nov 00

Dear Clayarters, Mel Jacobsen knows who he is and luckily for us he is not
shy about letting us in on the story. Mel's workshop in Columbus, Ohio
covered everything from basic throwing, homemade tools, throwing off the
hump, philosophy both his and others, anecdotes, art history, ITC application
and my favorite, how to use a piece of muffin for a sponge. Oops, excuse me,
that last one was a faux pas. We laughed a lot, some of us from memory of
doing similar things! The day was filled with
information and Mel was patient and eager to help anyone with a question
whether basic or advanced. He doesn't talk down to anyone. He embodies
respect, integrity and humor. Just a great human being who obviously loves
what he does and loves people. I just hope that he will still be satisfied
being Mayor after he receives our praise. (We surely don't need another
candidate for president, do we?:) Thanks again, Mel. So good to meet you in
person. I brought home lots of inspiration, confidence boosters, and a
"things to do" list. OK, OK, I am off to the studio! Toni Smith from Ohio
where its so gray today that I feel lucky for a change that my studio has no