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[help! show on friday and i need to finish this.]

updated tue 14 nov 00


priddy on mon 13 nov 00

If you have all the pieces and they are still flat.

For friday:
fire them and then mount them on a wooden board and grout them. =

it should take about an hour or two to do the mounting, or have a friend =
has done a little bathroom repair work do it in exchange for a pot.

When you have more time:

make a new one using thin squares of the tiles, 1/8th inch thick laminate=
onto a 1/4-1/2 inch thick clay slab. Put it on the kiln shelf before it =
completely dry so that you don't have to move it again.

hope this works. good luck with he show.

Penni Stoddart wrote:
> Ok I am desperate and need some answers...QUICK!
> I have made a chess set and have done the board twice now with no =3D
> success. The first time I mushed it up because it was too big for my =3D=

> small kiln (forgot about the fact that I live around the corner from ou=
r =3D
> guild and their BIG kilns ).
> I just did another on the weekend and it was dry last night so when I =3D=

> went to load it I picked it up and it fell apart in my hands. What I di=
d =3D
> was this...
> I am using mid cal 5 (a brown cone 6) and a cone 6 porcelain. I cut 2" =
> squares and laid them tightly beside each other to form the board. Then=
> I laid cone6 stoneware over the entire thing as a bottom. Dropped it a=
> couple of times to stick it all together (yes I scored and slipped =3D
> before I added the stoneware) and then trimmed the excess and left it =3D=

> covered loosely.
> As I said it fell apart when I went to pick it up. It seems that each =3D=

> square separated or they stuck together in blocks no bigger then 4 =3D
> together.
> My query is this. Is there a better and more successful way to do this?=
> Can I salvage the squares and use them again? I know this goes along =3D=

> the don't waste time on useless pieces idea but I have to ask. =3D3Do)
> Our Guild sale is this weekend and I could convievably do a glaze firin=
g =3D
> on Thursday to unload it Friday (at the VERY latest) if I can find a =3D=

> technique that works. I desperately want to have this chess set as my =3D=

> centre piece on my table.
> Thanks in advance for all ideas I know I will get.
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