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"my little children"(just beginner's musings)

updated mon 13 nov 00


Lizacat29@AOL.COM on sun 12 nov 00

<< "Make pots and more pots and lots more
pots. Out of quantity comes the willingness to take risks, and out of risk
comes learning." >>
Yes, I think you are right. That's hard to do. I'm not a risk
taker...hence the 4th grade teaching career instead of pottery. I find
myself grinding to a stop after I have a run of pots that aren't coming out
well. It is paradoxical that being harsh and judgemental toward one's own
work is actually a manifestation of a self-involved ego. I was having fun
playng and being a beginner for a couple of years and just recently people
(other than loyal family members) are starting to express interest in my work
and I immediately feel I have to be doing "seriously" good stuff. Duh.
I apologize to whoever was annoyed that I attributed the "little children"
quote to the wrong author. Also, I would clarify that I wasn't saying that
one shouldn't judge and destroy pots which are not acceptable (to the
maker's standards) aesthetically or technically. I was more talking about
how hard it is, as a beginner with maybe a half dozen pots that I really feel
are starting to show promise, to let 3 of those go out in the world where
they have to withstand scrutiny of those not objectively attached to them.