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' h i t l e r '...and 'aesthetics'? ("society")

updated sun 12 nov 00


Philip Poburka on sat 11 nov 00

Dear Nancy, and everyone,

However do you suppose that 'Hitler', having become 'blamed' for 'all that
destruction'...however do you suppose he 'did-it'?

All bye himself? A busy boy!
'TEAM-WORK' baby, that's what gets it done...gotta motivate 'em.
Wanna 'know' how he 'got-it-done'?
(Look around)

Tuesday...I 'voted'...the two 'contenders'...could be 'Poster-Boys' for
spiritual cretinism...

Millions talk about the 'election'...
Nobody 'talks' about the MEANING of this absurd and ignominous 'choice'...
Wanna 'know' how they get-it-done?



"Team Work"

Every sap who DIDN'T "TALK" about how HORRIFIC this IS,
O!, and 'on' and 'on' and 'on'...

WHAT 'perspective' do you suppose 'people' HAVE 'presently', as to the
'larger' process of History? As to their 'CHOICES'? As to their 'PART' in
(various) "TEAM - WORK" Culminations?
As to 'what-is-going-on'?


Any better than some sap in Germany, did in '36?
How about not near THAT (conjecturally) 'good'.
How about...not-worth-a-damn?
Go to the mall, look at 'em, ask yourself...

"WHAT HAS HAPPENED" (already) ?

'Uncle' Joe Stalin...accredited with something like Twenty-five,Thirty
Million or so folks gettin' rubbed out...he don't get much 'play' in the
'popular memory' do he?
How come that is? Why ever is THAT, do you 'suppose'?
Take a 'LOOK' at some of the 'LEND-LEASE' in WWII...under 'freedom of
information act'...other sources...then
see how much 'sense' the 'Fabulous Fifties' really made.


'Chairman' Mao ...HOW MANY???...Fourty-fifty million?
O...but golly...we are NOT SUPPOSED TO 'look askance' now are we...afterall,
"Becktal", "General Electric" and a bunch o' others through 'clinton' ET ALL
are sellin' 'em (or 'us')the BIG-SHOW aren't they? Lots of Nuke
'reactors' 'em make their 'own' Plutonium.



Yes..."Disney" in more ways than one...

Hitler 'gave' everybody a 'hat'...(and there were only 'so-many' Hats from
which to 'choose'...)

When you understand THAT, you'll have the tiger bye the tail.

Autumnally cold
Las Vegas...

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From: Nanci Bishof
Sent: November 11, 2000 2:53:38 PM GMT
Subject: Re: Dave's replies

It is not enough that our intent be good if the society or culture we place
it in has other meaning for that symbol/sign/word. Once a work leaves our
hands it is interpreted by those that view it, not by our intent. I am one
who takes great offense by the swastika's decorative use in our society. For
our society at large, the swastika represents Hitler and the destruction he
brought to the world, not Mother Kali.

in tumultuous florida where passions rage
over election processes and results

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