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jury fees, unsolicted applications

updated fri 10 nov 00


amy parker on thu 9 nov 00

Yesterday I received an unsolicted application for the Oldsmobile City
Center Cityfest, to be held in Charlotte, NC April 27-29. It says there are
138 total booths, and there is a $10 "application fee". Per the flyer,
previous artists in this show are automatically accepted and do not have to
pay the fee. Booth fee checks will be deposited Dec 1 for accepted artists,
acceptance letters will be mailed by Feb. 1. This is organized by ARK
Management & Cellular Door.

Is it just my perception, or is this a mass mailing to solicit those $10
checks? As few spots as there are in total, plus the guarantee of
re-acceptance, it makes me go "Hmmmm". Anyone else get this mailing?

Amy, underwater in Atlanta
Amy Parker
Lithonia, GA