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updated fri 10 nov 00


Sheron Roberts on thu 9 nov 00

I have been reading all the posts
on seconds and people who do
not wish to part with their money,
for whatever reasons. =20
I have posted before concerning
a friend who absolutely will not
buy anything from me, but begs
me for my "seconds" so she
can grow herbs in them. Understand
that she wants me to give them to her.
I have grown so tired of this, that I=20
just tell her, I don't make seconds.
Also, at our annual Harvest Days=20
Festival, I think every pot I had on
display was picked up, checked=20
for a signature, hefted for weight
and if a mug, tested for finger fit.
Ladies would oohh and aahh over
the bowls and their colors, then=20
gingerly set them down when they
saw the prices. One woman picked
up a lovely burgundy bowl, exclaiming,
I collect bowls and this one is simply
beautiful. Then she saw the price,
looked at her friend in disbelief and
whispered, this bowl is $20.00. She
turned and walked away.
I sold one ten dollar mug that day.
I do not believe I will ever attempt to
sell at a street fair again.
Sheron in NC
(thoroughly disgusted)
(with everything)
(people, elections, street fairs)
(but thrilled at placing in the last
three juried shows entered)

Susan Fox Hirschmann on thu 9 nov 00

don't feel so bad: Life does exist beyond street fairs.
Unfortunately you were met with a "low quality" buyer who
did not appreciate your work, that's for sure. No one qualified those people
to attend. They were there because it was FREE, undoubtedly.
My advise: Do a juried show that requires an admittance fee....which may get
you a better "quality buyer." The difference to me, having done shows for 20
years between most street fairs (ann arbor the exception) and most shows with
admittance fees is a higher quality public, that agrees to pay to enter, to
see a body of work by juried "professionals" in their fields, and there fore
usually a much better appreciation for the work, and are more eager to lay
out money, for what sounds to me like your very reasonably priced work. They
are, if you will "more qualified" to buy, by just paying the fee to get in.
With that, may come a different level of understanding for the work, and
therefore they may be more open and gracious in their buyer traits!
Get off the streets and into some other shows, Chin up! And see if there is
a difference.
But we all agree, and i found it even in ann arbor this summer....CHEAP
PEOPLE SUCK! And there are always some in every crowd....just seems like
less in the admittance fee type of shows.
Good luck!

Annandale, VA.
Where i am off to do a local show and hoping everything i said comes true!