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updated fri 10 nov 00


Joyce Lee on thu 9 nov 00

> (thoroughly disgusted)
> (with everything)
> (people, elections, street fairs)
> (but thrilled at placing in the last
> three juried shows entered)
Congratulations, Sheron, on the juried shows! AND I'm sure you'll be
told many times that you have to find your particular market in order to
receive a decent price for your wares.

I had a real eyeopener when selling for the Art League a few weeks ago.
The members had painted miniature oils and watercolors ..... many were
framed.... most were of excellent quality (some weren't) ... not
something just slapped together to add volume to the sale. They sold
these charming minis for anywhere from fifty CENTS to $3.00. Incredible!

It was explained to me that people "around here" wouldn't pay more and
that they, the artists, liked getting them into the hands of those who
would appreciate their work. However, though most of these artists know
far more about art than I ever will, they apparently do NOT know the
people in our town who will and do pay much more for art in other
arenas. One woman bought all the minis that were left at the end of the
sale for $1.00 each! Our artists were pleased. I've spent time at the
buyer's abandoned gold mine "resort" out in the desert, where I've seen
such paintings next to the dining room cash register ...... selling for
ten to twenty dollars each. Found her market, didn't she?

Another bought a dozen desert scene minis for two dollars each ... to be
given as Christmas presents to friends "back east." Good idea, but I'll
bet that the recipients think they cost much more ...

In these cases, the buyers were not necessarily "cheapskates," but the
artists are definitely undervaluing themselves and their work.

In the Mojave