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air cleaner question

updated thu 9 nov 00


george koller on wed 8 nov 00

Hello ClayArters,

In a recent catalog there is an Air Cleaner that seems like it
could be a good value.

The specifications follow:

Uses 20 micron filter bags (3 included)
Covers up to 4000 cubic feet
510 CFM
Air Vents adjustable from 45 to 90 degrees
Noise Level: 50-60 decibels
Dimensions: 30" by 24" by 12"
Fan Diameter 5"
Outlet size: 8 3/4 by 3 3/8

In my studio I mix glazes, use a spray gun for wet glazes, and have
certain equipment running that generate some vitrified clay dust
pretty much all day long (We use a "pull off" vacuum but it is
not 100% effective). We are careful to wear breathing filters when
doing a specific mixing or spraying task but there are operations
that cause dust to go into the air in the whole area (as witnessed by
dust on computer screens, desk surfaces, and etc) for which we do
not wear continual protection. (In the summer windows and doors
are often open but now with winter....)

My intention has been to buy a good air "someday" but when I
checked into a ceiling unit it seemed expensive. This unit
seems reasonable. The studio area is only about 20 X 15 feet
but it open to another area of about equal size. There is a 12 foot

Can anybody tell me if, per the specifications above, this particular
unit would likely be a good investment at $200?

Thank you,

George Koller