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the supplier of my supplier

updated mon 6 nov 00


Ababi Sharon on sun 5 nov 00

Hello Tom and (all)!
I discovered, lately that the supplier of my supplier, has ^5 and ^6
porcelain. These are good news, for the future.These days I work with the
porcelain., you Tom formulated for me and prepare it in the most primitive
I also made some pieces with plastic limoge, with an add of 10% nephalyn
seyanite.(weight it as dry!)
This big add , caused three things
1)Mature in ^6
2) Special speckles and milky background of the glaze. you can see it, not
too good photograph, at my photo album, "As glazed".
3) Fragile body.
I wonder, if by changing the flux, nephaline syanite, to another, I can use
smaller amount of extra material
the way I will less ruin the plasticy of the Limoge porcelain.


password: clay

I wish Clayartcenter would be kind enough to tell me that this letter I have
sent three days ago, arrived to the wrong addres!
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