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cup on a handle/underware

updated sat 4 nov 00


JODO96@AOL.COM on fri 3 nov 00


I disagree, I find my coffee cup must fit my hand personally I like to have
my fingers wrapped around the cup. Often hold it with both hands. love the
feel of the cup. It's like buying your underware,if it doesn't fit, its not
comfortable and you don't wear it. Its so individual.
I always drink out of another potters cup, enjoy watching buyers pick out
their cups, find men tend to buy larger ones, women tend to buy the smaller.
To each his own.

Dorothy Weber
Manakin-Sabot, Va.

Catching up on all the posts(1,000+++)since we have been out of town, and
enjoying them all, so this may be a dead subject, if it is please excuse.