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peeler ceramic art films

updated fri 2 mar 01


cHuCk on wed 1 nov 00

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Peeler Ceramic Films Status =

I am mailing this to all those who have expressed interest in receiving =
a preview of the Peeler Ceramic Art Films.

Initially I have made copies of all eight films on one tape for you to =
view. The quality at this time is OK but not as good as can be achieved. =
The equipment needed to make really good reproductions costs a lot of =
money (2000.00 plus for SVHS editing machines), so the money from the =
first tapes sold will help support our endeavor to keep the tapes in =

If you like the tape and end up buying a copy , but are not pleased with =
the quality of the tape I will be glad to send you one of the better =
quality tapes when they are complete. The master copies are on a =
broadcast quality tape format and it is going be necessary for me to =
contact and contract with a professional videographer to have these high =
quality tapes transferred to SVHS format.

It has been a new learning experience for me to become a video producer =
and I would like to thank John Baymore for all his help and advice. I =
think in the end the final product will be of a very professional level =
and your initial requests for these wonderful tapes has helped to =
support my endeavor and also made Mrs.Marj Peeler happy to know there is =
still interest in the tapes.

The previews are being packed up this week and should be sent out by =
this week-end. Cost for the tapes 1-8 will be 75.00 (Including shipping) =
Later when I (hopefully) have a really Hi-Q copy made up I will only =
request help on shipping and actual cost of the VHS tape, certainly less =
than 10.00. There will be more info included with the tape on billing =
and contents. We also have made up a pretty nice tape box with picture =
labels that I think Mr. Peeler would approve of as he was always a fan =
of doing something "the right way".

Thanks again for your interest and I hope you like these educational and =
informative tapes as much I do,

Chuck Wagoner
Wagoner Pottery
Box 21 RR2
Rockville, IN
(765) 569-5423 =20

Louis H.. Katz on wed 1 nov 00

I have had excellent service for my taper reproduction from SF Video in San Francisco. They take my BetaCamSP tape ( professional Broadcast format) and dub onto hour long tapes in a library case with labels for about $3.50 .They work only with multiples of 100 copies. I have never had a tape returned, the copies are excellent. These guys do good work.
Traditional Thai Pottery Video

cHuCk on thu 1 mar 01

Thank you to everyone that has been so supportive of my efforts to =
re-introduce the Peeler Ceramic Art Films. It has been a success and =
most of all it has made Mr. Peeler's surviving spouse very happy to see =
the response. Those of you that have written to her personally should =
know how much she has appreciated it and if you could see how she lights =
up when she tells me about it you would certainly be pleased.=20

I also want to thank Steve Branfman for his wonderfully written review =
in ClayTimes magazine this month. Mrs. Peeler was most pleased with it =
and we both think Steve is a wonderful writer and that Richard would be =
thrilled with what it says about the Peelers.=20

Steve has been a tremendous help in production advice and his experience =
in these areas has been priceless. And as many of you already know he is =
just a good guy and wonderful clay teacher. The tapes are available =
through the Potters Shop at this time for the same price as from me.=20

Some of the users in this Listserve bought tapes from me that were =
crudely made and had all eight tapes on one for 75.00 at the start of =
this project. I said at that time that when the better quality tapes =
were complete and available that you were entitled to copies and I still =
intend to stand by that offer. If you will E-mail me from my (under =
construction) website at,

I will put you on my "to do" list and get your copies sent. If you want =
to help me with the shipping that would be most appreciated, but the =
rest was part of the initial offer as it was your money that helped me =
to get the project started.

Thank you for the support and good advice and input,

Chuck Wagoner
Rockville, IN