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cup on a handle and artistic expression

updated thu 2 nov 00


Cindy Strnad on wed 1 nov 00

Hi, Paul

Now I can agree with that post. But beginners' pots are just beginners pots.
Mine were awful, and yours probably were, too. And your students' will be,
too. Well, in a manner of speaking, they're awful, unless one looks at them
for what they are, or should be, and that is merely practice.

A quote I once heard, can't attribute it, unfortunately: "Anything worth
doing is worth doing poorly until you learn enough to do it well."

Yes, there certainly are standards for what makes a competent piece of art
or craft, whether ceramic or other. Since you've put them so well, I won't
attempt to add to your description.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730