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reduction firing, reprise unusual phenomenon

updated wed 1 nov 00


iandol on tue 31 oct 00

Communication. Oct. 31, 00

Thank you to all the those people who responded to my first request for =
information about the build up of static electricity on the surface of =
pottery. It seems it may not be at all unusual but it could have been =
ignored because it has not been described by any of the Authors. All the =
information you have sent is now in a folder.

I was pleased to know that my original observations had not been =
figments of my own imagination and that the build up of electrostatic =
charge on the surface of fired pottery has been widely observed in a =
variety of settings. I am also pleased that a Physicist has joined in =
the fun of this investigation.

I think there is a need for more information. No matter who you are, if =
you have had the experience of feeling an effect similar to touching and =
discharging the front face of a television screen, which seems to be the =
best comparison so far, or a frizzle without any froth, I would like to =
hear from you. By the way, this may be a situation where negative =
information is useful, so saying that you always fire in a certain way =
and this has never occurred is important.

I wish to know from new observers.

1 Your firing temperature.

2 Your style of firing. Eg oxidation, reduction or neutral

3 Which Additives you have been putting into your glaze eg opacifiers, =
colorants including powered minerals.

4 Differences in surface qualities where one glaze is fired in differing =
types of kiln or with a differing program vis reduction in contrast to =
oxidation. Eg contrasts in surface texture. Some of this information may =
come where people are using name glazes.

If you are using commercial materials, please ask you supplier if they =
have the information where you do not know the composition.

I am able to suggest a reason for the Electrostatic Charge which may, or =
may not, be valid. But it is the deeper implications which intrigue me =
at the moment.

I look forward to learning more from all of you, even from colleagues =
who are not members of the group or do not have access to the Net.

My respectful regards to you all for making a contribution,

Ivor Lewis.. Redhill, South Australia.

Snail Scott on tue 31 oct 00


Just in the 'negative data' department: I do mainly
large sculpture at ^6. I used to fire in reduction, but
mainly without glazes. Now I fire electrically, mainly
with matt glazes and engobes.

I do not recall this phenomenon occurring in my work,
but I'll start paying closer attention from now on!