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updated wed 1 nov 00


Joyce Lee on tue 31 oct 00

Thanks to Diana and Frank, I've ordered the Escher program. Can't wait
to examine it. THEN I'll have to make at least one series of pots with
extruded cylinders for owl bodies.... maybe with a handle, spout and
lid. And perhaps some sgrafitto in an Escher style with desert tortoises
or lizards or both ..... and possibly words of solemn import, in several
languages, curled in and out here and there.

Surely such pots could thus be included with equanimity in my goal of
200 teapots (note I've reduced by half from original objective of 400)
AND 50 owls (also reduced by half). AND since I'm also exploring biiiggg
garden pots for one of the mentees, maybe these teapots could be very,
very large, even massive .... With that goal in mind, I could enlarge
the teapot/owl extrusions with coils since the past two days have been
spent practicing coiled pots in order to be equipped for teaching coils
to my other mentee. I just dug out Vince's directions for coiled pots
and they worked wonderfully once again. AND your timely hints have given
me greater confidence. Thank you.

Suppose more thought could be given to making these pots "my own" ....
do ya' think?

Actually, I hope you know that I'm kidding. On the other hand.......

In the Mojave where she just unthinkingly signed death warrants for the
new batch of wild rabbits...... by charitably tossing them some carrots
.... only to spy ravens' shadows from overhead ... circling ... waiting
for the rabbits to fatten up a bit more. Wonder if the ravens think that
it's my intention to provide fodder for them?????