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updated sun 29 oct 00


Sharon31 on sat 28 oct 00

IN my web album I added under books three books; The first, a Russian book,
I cannot read it, but the person who gave me , explained, that the book was
for the ceramic artist that live in a village away from modern life, the way
that we know, and spoiled, means we can find anything we want. This book
should be translated, I say it, following the simple illustrations.
In the book slipcasting, building wheels, bonfire as a necessity , slip
trailer out of horn and decorating tools, of coarse, for you to make. Glaze
is made from bottles, the way Don Goodrich explains in his site.
If you have anyone the that can buy it to you I really recommend it, The
pictures are in your language!
The second book, probably more like it, for people that want to use pastels
ceramic, good base and good explanation.
the third book is simple and clear. It is for painters, but composition is
composition, it is a lovely way to learn it, especially if you paint on your
See them at
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