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updated fri 27 oct 00


Denise Bohart on wed 25 oct 00

When I left the ClayArt list a year ago, I was a young potter &
sculptress (both in age and experience) who was overwhelmed at all of
the technical information that was so over my head. I did my work at
the local campus craft center, where all of the glaze mixing and kiln
firing was done for me.

I'm back, still young in both regards, and strangely enough, having left
my job in the world of small business to focus on my art, I now find
myself (quite happily) as the manager of that very same ceramics lab on
campus, a job I took in order to be able to learn about all the glaze
mixing and kiln firing.

Much of ClayArt is still over my head, but I'm learning, and absorbing
all I can. I do wonder how some people have time to read endless posts
on "greatest living potters" or spelling issues; I have all I can do to
run "my" studio, keep up on ClayArt, occasionally eat, and still be an
artist, too. Perhaps some of you have learned how to add more than 24
hours in the day?

Anyhow, I do have a question I am getting around to asking. I've seen
posts recently recommending good books for a small library... I have a
more specific request: We want to purchase (first time in my life I've
had to work within the constraints of this sort of budget) a new glaze
bible for our library; while we do have wonderful ones, they are old. I
don't need glaze recipes so much as listings of components and
ingredients, with descriptions and hopefully general toxicity
information. I'm sure I'll get some great suggestions, and I thank you
in advance.

Denise Bohart
In Northern California, where Fall happened very quickly over the
weekend, but winter cannot make up its mind on whether to move in or now.