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yet another book

updated thu 26 oct 00


Wesley C. Rolley on wed 25 oct 00

My local library has just gotten a new printing of a book that has been out
for about 15 years. I guess that this makes it new for them (and for me).
The book is "Henry Moore: My ideas, inspiration adn life as an artist" by
Henry Moore & John Hedgecoe. Punblished in Great Britain in 1986 and
published in paperback in 1999.

Supported by outstanding photography, Moore comments on many of the things
that are discussed on Clayart, including "drawing", nature as an
inspiration, naming a work of art, the necessity of hard work, etc., etc.,

I qoute from page 175:

"Happiness is to be fully engaged in the activity that you believe in and,
if you are very good at it, well that's a bonus."
If in doubt, throw it out.