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cushing handbook & spelling

updated thu 26 oct 00


Mert & Holly Kilpatrick on wed 25 oct 00

You can order the Cushing Handbook from the Alfred Pharmacy - 607-587-9222 -
I know, it sounds odd, but when you call, they know what you are asking for.
You can pay by credit card. Mine was $28.76 total. It does have a great
deal of information, it was a worthwhile purchase.

On the spelling subject, I also get a negative impression from poor
spelling, in general. Of course, anyone can make typos once in a while.
And in a medium of communication like email, which is reading/writing
intensive, people who aren't really comfortable with writing/typing/reading
have to be commended for participating in Clayart in spite of that obstacle.
Obviously we all know that a person could be, well, he or she could be the
world's greatest living potter, and be illiterate. And if that person
struggled to participate in Clayart, we would all value the contribution
even if we had to read closely to figure out the message. Similar to the
non-English speakers who make the effort to participate here.

But that being said, it is harder to read messages with poor spelling and
grammar, it distracts from the message, and it gives a negative impression.
It says, absent any other explanatory factors, "Here is a person who makes
mistakes." If we are considering buying a product from a person, we will
take any and all information we have about them, and decide whether or not
it's a good decision. Spelling (especially on a website) is one piece of

I am a human resources manager, and I am always surprised at the number of
typos and misspellings in resumes. This is such a critical document, and an
applicant's chance to make that one first impression, but it is very common
to find errors. In a quick email, we would not be as fastidious perhaps.
But mildly low standards lead to further deterioration of standards, and at
some point the communication is so garbled that it isn't effective.