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adopt a school

updated thu 26 oct 00


Anita Rickenberg on wed 25 oct 00

Our local Arts Council has funding available for arts enrichment to be =
used in the community schools. One idea that has been suggested is to =
"adopt" a specific school for a semester or year to make a wide variety =
of both visual and written work available to the students. The schools =
have expressed an interest, so the next step is to put together a =
proposal for the schools to review. Do any of you have any experience =
with this approach or know of any schools where this has been done? I'm =
specifically looking for the following information:
1. What grade levels would be best to start with--elementary, middle, =
or high school?
2. What types and frequency of exposure would work best--daily, weekly, =
lecture, workshop, etc. A little bit of everything, or a concentration =
on one art type?
3. How has a program like this been implemented to promote the arts =
without disrupting necessary class work?
4. Names of schools and contact person(s) who may have done anything =
similar to get their imput.
As you can probably tell, we're not sure how to proceed, and information =
from a school/Arts Council who has already been there/done that would be =
very helpful

Please reply to me off-list, since this really isn't directly related to =
the list subject matter.