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re;re; red ^6 anyone

updated tue 24 oct 00


will edwards on mon 23 oct 00

Ron, John and those who have took an interest in helping evaluate this re=
As posted Ron you were right! I did have in my folder at work to replace =
3124 for 3134.. I also had to take into account some other factors and ye=
s the
original may would have fit many clay bodies, but still was on the low si=
for SiO2 and Al203. Tests looked good:)

Another take on it - Edward's Rosenrot ^6

15.00 Ferro Frit 3134
15.00 Nepheline Syenite
37.00 Flint
16.00 Whiting
15.00 EPK
02.00 Strontium Carbonate
05.00 Tin Oxide
00.35 Chromium
Totals with oxide colorants =3D 105.35

I find that the levels of B203 to CaO ratio can go lower than I had origi=
calculated and still maintain a red. (So much to do and I have only a goo=
d 30
years or so left if I am lucky)

This raises the clay content up and increased the Sio2 and Al203. Shifted=
Calcia down to 11.5% total and Boron to 3.29% according to what I found. =
correct me if I am wrong so I can fix this. I show this to be well balanc=
and within the range of a glaze I would consider for leach testing based =
the data. However the data may prove me wrong once we run it through the
tests. Maybe this Rosenrot will be red and ready. I have made it a public=
so it will remian as such when it is tested for extractables. My only
contribution to make that I can give to all those who have walked with me=

through this domain.

William Edwards

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