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jury fees

updated tue 24 oct 00


Gail Dapogny on mon 23 oct 00

Sorry, my mistake. However, no, the people running the shows are not
$100,000 a year people either. They would be extremely lucky to be half
that. These are people -- some are parttime or past artists -- who want to
try to make a living of some sort (often meagre at best) from the arts
because they are vitally interested in the arts and/or craft and find that
they have the kind of organizing and endurance skills needed for these
tasks. They are not the wealthy art patrons that you envision. Those
folks have no interest in "street" fairs!! Having said that, I would not
want to presume that most gallery owners are wealthy either. The few that
I've known are not.

All of the top fairs (at least) want very much to help the arts. To the
extent that some of them bring in some of the best, even cutting edge,
talent, they do. And to the extent that they give the community a chance
to look at or even purchase "live" art, they do. For much of the
public, walking through the booths of an art fair is as close as they ever
get to art. Some of the people who venture out to an art fair have never
and will never get near an art gallery or an art exhibit.

>I don't think you read my message, sorry!
>I do not think any potter makes $100,000 a year. I think that some people
>running shows make that much, especially shows that are supposed to help the
>arts. ---Beth